Menlo Park

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Once known as the “Sleepy Hollow of California,” Menlo Park did not take off as a community until after World War II. Despite its proximity to Stanford University, Sand Hill Road venture capitalists, dot-com start-ups and research institutions, “Menlo Park still at least seems like a small town,” notes Michael Svanevik and Shirley Burgett in their published “Menlo Park: Beyond the Gate.”

Landowners first incorporated back in 1874, but chose to “disincorporate” a mere two years later. It wasn’t until 1927 that today’s city was established.

Menlo Park now offers a suburban enclave with many urban amenities: from a bustling downtown and strong public school district, to plenty of parks and recreation facilities.


2008-09 CITY OPERATING BUDGET: $38 million
POPULATION (2000): 30,785
HOUSEHOLDS (2000): 12,387
SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSING (2000): 61.1 percent
MEAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME (2000): $123,809

Menlo Park Neighborhoods:

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