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The privacy gained by lots of at least one acre, winding streets with mature trees, gracious mansions set well back from the curbless streets — this is Atherton today.

Once part of a Spanish rancho, the town was incorporated in 1923. One of its first rules was to assure that lots would not be subdivided into parcels smaller than an acre. With a few exceptions — primarily former San Mateo County streets acquired through annexation — that is still the rule today.

A few of the early homes remain, including three built by Timothy Hopkins for his daughters between 1901 and 1908 on Parkwood Drive, Altree Court and Lowery Drive.


2008-09 TOWN OPERATING BUDGET: $16.9 million
POPULATION (2000): 7,194
HOUSEHOLDS (2000): 2,413
SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSING (2000): 99 percent
MEAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME (2000): $200,000-plus

Atherton Neighborhoods:

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