Amazing work

“I am completely aware and very thankful for the level of professionalism you both displayed in a less than ideal situation and market. When I consider that I both sold and bought a residence within 8 weeks of initial correspondence with you, it was incredible work. Please remember that you prepared the house for sale including painting, re-carpeting, planting, cleaning, storage and then staging…. it’s amazing work.”

David Knox, buyer and seller

The Right Combination of Legal Background and Real Estate Expertise

“Elaine’s reputation precedes her.  As a family law attorney and broker, Elaine White has all the necessary skills to guide your clients through the selling or buying process.  As a listing agent for divorcing parties, Elaine is able to navigate strained relationships to accomplish the common goal—selling the house for the most amount of money in the shortest period of time.  We consistently receive extremely positive feedback from clients who use Elaine.  Some have even liked her so much that they have hired her as the buying agent to purchase their next home.  We never hesitate to recommend Elaine to our clients.”

Marisa C. Dane & Michèle Bissada